Choose your child’s educational standards

Sumdog’s mathematics skills are now correlated with some of the key educational standards used in schools around the world.


If your child’s login is linked to a Sumdog school, the teachers on the school account will be responsible for choosing the academic standards that apply.

However, if your child’s account isn’t linked to a school, you can still choose which standards you want to use.

Here are the correlations you can choose from:


  • USA – Common Core Math Standards, grades 1-6
  • Indiana – Indiana Academic Standards, grades 1-7
  • Texas – Texas State Standards, grades 1-7
  • Virginia – Virginia Standards of Learning, grades 1-8


  • England – National Curriculum, years 1-9
  • Scotland – Curriculum for Excellence, P1 – S3


  • Australian National Curriculum, years 1-8


  • Ontario Curriculum, grades 1-8
  • Western & Northern Canadian Protocol, grades 1-9

Shortly, you’ll also find correlations for Wales, Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

We’ve also added many new skills to those already covered by Sumdog, and we’ll soon be including Common Core grades 7 and 8.

To select the appropriate standards for children whose logins aren’t linked to a school, parents should go to our standards page:

If your region isn’t yet listed, you can choose our Classic Skills, which are designed to be suitable for a wide range of teaching.

Sumdog just got a little cleverer

This week, we’ve been busy with Sumdog’s algorithms – which isn’t as painful as it sounds.

When students play, they answer lots of questions, and so we gather lots of information about which skills they’re good at – and which need more work.

Sumdog’s adaptive learning engine uses this data in its progression algorithms. These are the calculations that decide which skills each student should study next, and which questions they are asked.

Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to refine these calculations. This improves Sumdog’s ability to select the right skills for each student, and so to guide their progression more effectively.

You might not notice all this work at first, as the games will be just as enjoyable as ever. But over time, we hope you’ll see your students’ progressing through their learning – and smiling as they go.

Why not try a few games – and see if you spot the difference.

Meet the legends!

This week, we’re introducing the 20 new on-screen avatar outfits that you can collect by taking part in our inter-school contests.

The contests are currently running for most schools throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Sudmog Myths and Legends characters

Each student who answers 100 questions in a contest will receive one of these Myths and Legends outfits for their avatar. View them all on the Sumdog website.

To enter, your child’s teacher needs to sign up their class – so please speak to them if you’d like to take part.


Sumdog’s new inter-school contests are here!


Our new inter-school contests are here – and this time, they’re better than ever.

Each student who answers 100 questions in a contest will receive a Myths and Legends outfit for their avatar. These new, exclusive outfits are based on great characters from history.

Some of them achieved fame – or infamy – from their deeds, while others are from myths handed down through the years.

Parents can’t enter their children into Sumdog’s inter-school contests, though.  If your child wants to take part, you’ll need to ask their teacher to enter the class. They can do that here:

Good luck!

22 new skills covering Time

This week, we’ve added lots of new questions to Sumdog. They deal with time.

You’ll find 22 new skills under the “Time” icon in the topic button, on Sumdog’s student homepage.

Students will need to read digital and analog clocks, to the nearest hour, half-hour, five minutes and minute. They’ll also see word-based problems, addition and subtraction, and comparison of time periods.

The new questions can be used with most of Sumdog’s mathematics games – whether or not you’re subscribed.

To try them, click the Topics button and choose Time.

Setting a Sumdog reward challenge

If you’ve got a subscription for your child, you’ll be able to set a Reward Challenge.

On Sumdog, we motivate students by giving them a coin for every correct answer. They can spend the coins in Sumdog’s virtual shop, to buy stuff for their on-screen avatar.

If you set a reward challenge, you’ll be able to give your child bonus Sumdog coins when they achieve your target.

Watch our tutorial video to find out more.


Get some new junk for your Junk Pile

Junk Pile has always been one of Sumdog’s most popular games.

Now, there are three different versions available in Sumdog’s shop: Night Out, Junk Food and Beach.


These new versions give you lots more stuff to stack – including hamburgers, shoes, fish, tacos, cakes and a sleeping Sumdog.

Each one costs 500 Sumndog coins – but you can’t buy Sumdog coins. The only way to get Sumdog coins is to answer questions correctly.

Time to get playing!