22 new skills covering Time

This week, we’ve added lots of new questions to Sumdog. They deal with time.

You’ll find 22 new skills under the “Time” icon in the topic button, on Sumdog’s student homepage.

Students will need to read digital and analog clocks, to the nearest hour, half-hour, five minutes and minute. They’ll also see word-based problems, addition and subtraction, and comparison of time periods.

The new questions can be used with most of Sumdog’s mathematics games – whether or not you’re subscribed.

To try them, click the Topics button and choose Time.

Setting a Sumdog reward challenge

If you’ve got a subscription for your child, you’ll be able to set a Reward Challenge.

On Sumdog, we motivate students by giving them a coin for every correct answer. They can spend the coins in Sumdog’s virtual shop, to buy stuff for their on-screen avatar.

If you set a reward challenge, you’ll be able to give your child bonus Sumdog coins when they achieve your target.

Watch our tutorial video to find out more.


Get some new junk for your Junk Pile

Junk Pile has always been one of Sumdog’s most popular games.

Now, there are three different versions available in Sumdog’s shop: Night Out, Junk Food and Beach.


These new versions give you lots more stuff to stack – including hamburgers, shoes, fish, tacos, cakes and a sleeping Sumdog.

Each one costs 500 Sumndog coins – but you can’t buy Sumdog coins. The only way to get Sumdog coins is to answer questions correctly.

Time to get playing!

Forgotten your login details?

If you’ve forgotten your login details for Sumdog, don’t worry – this week’s tip will help you out.

Here’s how to reset your password:

Remember, you’ll need to click the password reset link we send you the same day, as – for security reasons – they aren’t valid after that.

If you’ve forgotten your username, no problems. You can use the email address you registered with as your username.

Hope this helps!

How to use Sumdog’s new student hangout

To help you get to know Sumdog’s new student homepage, we’ve recorded a tutorial video.

As well as being easier to use, the new homepage tells you more about your progress, and which skills you’ve mastered.

You’ll find it quicker to choose a new activity, or select which skills you want to work on.

Hope you find it useful!

Choosing your clothes

You’ll get a Sumdog coin every time you answer a question correctly.

You can spend Sumdog coins in Sumdog’s shop.  Here, you can buy clothes for your on-screen avatar.

You can also buy accessories, such as sports equipment and musical instruments, for your on-screen avatar to hold.

Finally, some of Sumdog’s games have variants – for example, there are different tracks you can use on Street Racer. You can buy these in Sumdog’s shop.

Sumdog Coins are a great motivator. They encourage you to keep on playing – the more you get right, the more coins you earn.

Here’s how it works:

Have fun!

Changing your avatar

On Sumdog, every player has an avatar.  This is the character that represents you on screen.

It’s up to you to decide how your avatar looks. You can choose the colour of your hair and skin, and how your face looks.

Here’s how:

You can change your avatar as often as you want. Make it look just like you, if you wish – or completely different!